Gardening Gifts Under $30 – Cheap Gifts That Look Expensive But Aren’t

Sometimes, you just need ideas for cheap gifts that look
expensive. We understand completely, so we’ve put together a little bargain
hunter’s holiday gift guide for the garden enthusiasts on your list. We’ve
included gifts for garden lovers, as well as gardening gifts under $30 that
will make you look extravagant. The truth is, you’re just a good shopper! So,
check out these garden inspired gifts that will go easy on your budget.

Quarto Press Field Guide to Urban Gardening

Quarto Press Field
Guide to Urban Gardening
– We’re trying to think of someone who wouldn’t
want this book! City living really can incorporate a green and lush atmosphere.
The Field Guide to Urban Gardening:How to
Grow Plants, No Matter Where You Live
Kevin Espritu will
help your city gardener choose the right plants and perfect growing methods for
any urban environment. Learn about container gardening, indoor edibles,
gardening on balconies and rooftops, and even hydroponics! Among the most
perfect gifts for gardeners, this book is an
inspiration for those who love plants and need creative ways to grow them.  

Quarto Press Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants

Quarto Press Gardener’s
Guide to Compact Plants
– Here’s another hit from Quarto Press
for gardening gifts under $30! Check out this great read, Gardener’s Guide to Compact Plants: Edibles
and Ornamentals for Small-Space Gardening
by Jessica Walliser. If
you’re looking at inexpensive gifts for garden lovers who have limited growing
space, this is the gift they want! A guide like this is an essential gift for
gardeners who want to grow compact, low-maintenance plants. These days our time
and space are often constrained, but our love for plants abounds! Your busy
garden lover will love this guide to columnar trees, dwarf shrubs, mini veggies, short-statured perennials,
and other compact plants.

Collapsible Bucket

Collapsible Bucket – Did we
just mention compact gifts for gardeners who are a little short on space? Check
out this neat Centurion
Collapsible Bucket
. Really. The thing collapses to a flat circle that will
hang on a hook. It’s extra sturdy and when it’s opened, it holds up to a full
load of water. It has a spout and a handle. When it comes to gifts for garden
lovers, what could be handier than this? And it’s worth so much more than
you’ll pay for it. A novelty for under the tree, but a truly useful gift!

Paw Paw Everlast Labels

PawPaw Everlast Labels
If you know anything about gardening, you know that keeping track of
plant names and locations is key to being organized. The indestructible metal Paw
Paw Everlast Plant Labels
may take the prize for the most useful gifts for
garden lovers. Unlike plastic tabs or homemade labels, these are made from zinc
or copper and you can choose
galvanized or stainless steel wires to hold them. They last forever and
can’t be scratched or scored by weather, water or time. Buy one of their
special markers to complete your gift.

Wren Finial

Garden Artisans Wren
– What gardener or bird
enthusiast wouldn’t enjoy this adorable gift? It may look expensive but
it’s not, at just $19.99. From artist
Cliff Myers comes the most darling bird finial to come along. With its upturned
tail and detailed wings, this beautiful Garden Artisans Wren Finial will win your heart. Made from durable cast
concrete, it comes with an embedded screw so it can be easily attached to a
fence, stake, bird feeder, house, etc. – really anything you like (you’ll need
drill a pilot hole prior to installation).

AUTARKLIVING Agra Solar Candle

AUTARKLIVING Agra Solar Candle – Here’s a beautiful
bargain you didn’t expect. Agra, a naturally occurring stone in India, is artfully
hand carved by craftsmen into this stunning candle holder. But here’s the
difference: instead of a flame, the AUTARKLIVING
Agra Stone Solar Candle
holds a safe solar cell and lights up automatically
in the dark, casting warm, soft light and shadows anywhere in the garden, deck
or indoors. It charges up in daytime hours, provides more than ten hours
of light, and it’s waterproof.

But here’s the real holiday surprise: Use discount code
GKHOW2019 and you’ll get a 50% special discount – until December 31!  

Fir Tree Brand Gauntlets

Fir Tree Brand Gauntlets – Is there a
gardener in your life who comes in with scratched up hands and arms from thorny
garden work? No one with a respectable rose bush should be without one of these
gifts for garden lovers. Try wrapping up a pair of Fir Tree Brand Gauntlet Sleeves, with hand protection made of supple goatskin, and
sleeves crafted from genuine cowhide. Breathable and strong, these gauntlet
gloves guard hands and arms all the way to the elbow. Super sturdy but really
soft, these babies are perfect for working with roses, holly, berries, cactus
and all things prickly, including trimming your cat’s claws! Puncture resistant
and packaged in a reusable cloth bag, they’re only $23.99.

Fir Tree Brand Work Gloves

Fir Tree Brand Work Gloves – If you’re sincerely in search of cheap gifts that look expensive, take a
look at these beautiful Fir Tree Brand Goatskin Work Gloves. With superior construction, a flexible
keystone thumb, and elastic wrist, these are truly a luxury for a gardener of
any age or gender. They’re perfect for all tasks outdoors, but they’ll become
your gardener’s favorite for indoor tasks, too. Loyal customers think they’re wonderful
as comfortable driving gloves. Top grade goatskin is soft and flexible, but
provides a solid grip. They’re washable and come in their own cloth
storage bag. An impressive gift, for only $15.99.

Culinary Classics – Bottle Garden Kit

Urban Leaf Bottle Garden Kit – Looking for a great and inexpensive way to upcycle your decorative bottles? For just $22, the Culinary Classics Bottle Garden Kit is just the thing to turn 3 of your favorite empty bottles into attractive, self-watering herb planters. With a quick, easy setup and a sunny windowsill, you or your gift recipient can sit back and enjoy fresh dill, sweet basil and French parsley herbs for months. And just when you thought it couldn’t get better – use code ‘gardening15’ to save an additional 15%.

Kale Razor & Herb Stripping Tool

Raw Rutes Kale Razor Stripping Tool – You won’t want to pass up this wonderful one-of-a-kind gift for the gardener or chef on your list! Equipped with six holes in graduated sizes for both large and small herbs, kale, etc., the Kale Razor & Herb Stripping Tool makes quick work of those tedious de-leafing jobs. Just pull each stem through the appropriately sized hole and the leaves come off with ease. Alternatively, hold the tool parallel to the kale stalk and use the speedslot to quickly slide along the stem and remove the leaves even faster. This handy

kitchen tool is proudly made in Buffalo, NY
from high quality, recycled content stainless steel. And at only $15,
it’s definitely a steal!

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