Shop Small Gardening Events: Small Business Saturday Sales For Gardeners

Looking for the best shopping ideas for Small Business
Saturday? All of us here at Gardening
Know How
love celebrating small businesses, and we’ve gathered up some
great Small Business Saturday sales for you to consider. Let’s all make a point
to shop small gardening events, local fairs and crafts sales to show our
support for small businesses. And if you’d rather stay cozy with your laptop,
here are some great sales.

Little Flower Soap Co.Handmade
Soap Set of 5 Bars
– Choose five of your own favorite essential oil soaps!
Handmade in small batches the old fashioned way, the Little Flower Soap Company invites
you to choose for yourself from ten different scents. These thick-lathering
soaps are made from cold processed coconut and olive oils (they’re Paraben,
phthalate & sulphate free). Their pretty colors come strictly from natural
ingredients, like paprika and earth clays, and their beautiful aromatherapeutic
scents, certified NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy), are
from 100% essential oils. Choose from ten delicious scents.

Plant More NativeseGift
– We can’t think of a more wonderful way to gift plants and flowers
for people we love, or even those we don’t. Any family member, employee or
neighbor will be grateful for the chance to choose plants with an eGift card
from this amazing selection. Check out the Plant More Natives unique
website for any kind of plant! Hundreds of plants and flowers are sorted by
special needs like height, soil type, sun and shade, dry or wet soil, and even
deer resistance! It’s an excellent gift for gardeners, regardless of where they
reside. You could do all your Small Business Saturday shopping right here.

Fisher BlacksmithingGardening
Tool Gift Set
– This set of three of the most useful gardening tools were
actually handmade made by a real blacksmith. Fisher Blacksmithing,
based in Bozeman, Montana, designs and builds each tool using traditional
blacksmithing techniques. They heat the steel to 1,700 degrees in the forge,
shape each tool over an anvil with a hammer, join it with solid steel rivets,
and then set it into a hand-turned, black walnut handle. Their heirloom quality
and durability are unsurpassed, and their customers love them. Save 15% on this
Small Business Saturday sale.

Raw RutesKale
and Herb Stripping Tool
– My friend, who owns a high-end restaurant in the Northwest,
raves about this tool, and so will your favorite gardener/chef. What’s special
about the Raw Rutes kale razor? First,
it’s not just for kale. The efficient way of stripping any tender leaf from a
stalk is its claim to fame. Designed from polished stainless steel, it has
different sized holes to help you swiftly slice off herb leaves for smoothies,
cocktails, soups and garnishes. It’s gaining quite a reputation with chefs and
bartenders for its proficiency and speed in preparing herbs and salads. If your
favorite gardener grows greens and herbs, this could be the star under your
holiday tree. It’s a perfect gift for small business Saturday at only $15.

Garden Box ClubGarden
– This innovative small company has created a great individualized
system so that you or your gardening friend can receive a box specially
designed for a specific area, climate and growing preferences. The Garden Box folks will put together a box,
based on your stated location, your available space and your gardening skill
level. They’ll pick out the best seeds and soil for your specific needs and
will guide you “from seed to sprout, without information overload.” Their mission?  They want to empower every person to live a
more sustainable and earth-conscious life. You won’t find holiday spirit much brighter
than that.

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