10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Gardeners

If you have a gardener in your life, you could probably use some ideas for small gifts for the stocking this year. Or, if you are the gardener, try dropping some hints for these delightful, small presents you didn’t yet know you needed. Here are the top 10 stocking stuffer ideas for garden lovers:

1. Seed packets. Look for some fun heirloom seeds to gift your gardener this year. Seed packets fit perfectly in the toe of a stocking. Seed balls are great choices too. They can even be chosen to suit the gardener’s favorite plants.

2. Bulbs. Bulbs to plant in spring also make perfect stocking stuffers. Your gardener will be able to store them for a couple months until it’s time to put them in the ground, having something to look forward to for the upcoming season.

3. New gardening gloves. A good pair of gloves is a gardener’s best friend. They don’t last forever, though, so your gardener could probably use at least one new pair per year.

4. Indoor planter kits. To chase away the winter blues, stuff stockings with small planter kits. You can find succulent mixes, spring bulbs, and other fun projects to take your mind off those dreary winter days.

5. A small terrarium. Another good indoor project for the winter is to create a terrarium. Small glass terrariums fit in stockings and can be filled with tiny plants.

6. Culinary tools. Help your gardener use the fruits of his or her labors with some kitchen tools. Try canning supplies, herb scissors, an herb or green stripper, and cookbooks.

7. Garden tools. New hand tools for the garden, or interesting tools your gardener doesn’t have yet, are great for stocking stuffers. A spade with a ruler edge for measuring seed depth is one good option.

8. Hand soaps and lotions. Gardeners wreak havoc on their hands all season long, so spoil the gardener in your life with some fancy soaps and hand creams that will clean and soften them. Including instructions for “growing and making” their own are especially nice.

9. A garden calendar or journal. Stuff that stocking with a gift that is both pretty and useful. Gardening journals and calendars are used to plan out projects, to remember when to plant or transplant, and to make notes for next year.

10. Small herb pots. Small pots of herbs can be a great topper to a stocking. Your gardener will appreciate having a little plant to tend and use in the kitchen as the snow continues to fall.

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