Easy-Care Plants: Top 5 Beginner Houseplants For Those Starting Out

If you love the look houseplants add
to your décor but lack the green thumb that goes with caring for them, you’re
probably resigned to plastic or silk fake plants, but think again. With very
little effort on your part, you can be the proud grower of houseplants, really.

There are actually quite a few low
maintenance houseplants out there, but here are 5 of my favorite beginner
houseplants for anyone just starting out.

PothosPothos is a
perfect plant for the beginner. In its native habitat, this variegated beauty
clambers up trees encompassing them entirely with gold and green foliage. In
the home, pothos is easygoing regarding light, although low light will mute its
colored foliage. It does well in average home temps and is tolerant of those
who forget to water it. Even with minimal care, pothos can send out long stems but
can be easily trimmed. Stick those cut stems in a glass of water and watch the
plant root rapidly to form new additions.

Snake plant – Members of the family that bring us dracaena and liriope,
snake plant
or mother-in-law’s tongue are dramatic specimens that are almost impossible to
kill. While they prefer lots of light, they can tolerate less and are extremely
forgiving about watering. Snake plant has sword-like green leaves slashed with
lighter green other varieties have yellow leaf margins.

Spider plantSpider plant
is one of those easy care plants that works well as a hanging plant. It is
unfussy about light, temperature or water and, even when ignored, produces
plantlets or offsets off long stems that can be repotted as new spider plants.

are all the rage and with good reason. There are hundreds of varieties with
every hue and texture under the sun. Aloe has long
been a popular succulent houseplant as have varieties of Echeveria.
Since this isn’t a particular houseplant but rather a group of plants, I’ll
lump cacti in here as well. Both succulents and cacti are slow growers
particularly suited to abuse by the grower.

Heartleaf philodendronPhilodendron
is another plant that thrives with minimal care. It is a trailing houseplant
with dark green, heart-shaped leaves that flourishes in an array of lighting
conditions and standard household temps. Its only downside? Don’t allow it to
be constantly wet; instead, allow the soil to dry between watering.

be intimidated by the thought of growing plants for the first time. These low
maintenance houseplants for beginners will provide everything you need to get
you started – ease of care, beauty and more.

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