Garden Planning During A Pandemic – How Do I Plan My Garden

in Michigan, March is when I start to think about my garden. I start planning
any changes I want to make to beds. I clean them up and get the containers
ready for my herb
. I start to get excited about shopping at the garden center for
supplies and transplants. This year, however, everything is different, and
that’s ok.

Garden Planning During a Pandemic

down and holing up as gardening season begins is certainly no picnic, but it’s
still doable. I just need to tweak my garden planning strategy a bit.

first problem is how to plan. One of the most frightening things about the
current situation in the world is the unknown. We don’t know how long this will
last, how long it will be bad, and when we will be able to go back to doing
“non-essential” things again.

how do I plan my garden? I don’t know when the garden centers will be open.
Will I miss the best times to get certain plants in the ground? There is a lot
of uncertainty right now, but one thing is always true: the garden will
continue to grow. Maybe some of the gardening plans I made over the winter
won’t come to fruition, but my garden is still there and will still be there.
I’ll just have to make the most of it.

How I’m “Pandemic” Gardening Now

outdoors has always been my sanctuary, now more than ever. The first thing I’m
doing now to cope is simply getting outside. I’m enjoying more walks and runs,
and trying new routes as road traffic is less of a danger. I’m looking out for
the telltale signs of spring, which are only just appearing here: crocuses
are blooming and daffodil
leaves are emerging.

my garden, I’m doing all the preparatory tasks I can. I’m cleaning out the
leftover leaves from fall, checking on mulch coverage and filling in holes, pruning
shrubs, and trimming back perennials I neglected last season.

addition to prepping the garden, I’m starting
seeds indoors
. I wanted to get to the store to buy some new seeds, but I’ll
work with what I have. Simply being able to grow something is healing. My
little seedlings are sprouting and I check on them daily.

always work from home, so at least this hasn’t changed. But I do have more time
allotted now since I can’t go out to restaurants, go shopping or hang out with
friends. Instead, I’m spending every bit of that extra time working outside,
being outside, and getting refreshed and renewed by the warming spring air. If
there’s a plus side to all of this, I suppose gardening during a pandemic would
be at the top of the list.

the garden and visiting garden centers might not be an option, but prepping the
garden and tending what’s already there or just getting outside is enough to
keep me busy through the days to come. I guess that’s something.

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