I Photographed These 20 Adorable Dogs And They’re Checking Up On How You’re Doing

Dogs provide comfort, affection, and support. Dogs are essential.

They find pleasure in the most mundane things. They are members of the family, the kind I love to have around. I can never get into trouble with my dogs because they are unpretentious and forgiving. Dogs don’t wake up in the morning and think: “What’s going to make me angry today?”

Let’s try to be the helper and team player, not the egoist. With all the madness in the world, be more dog.

As a pet photographer (when not in lockdown), I meet lots of different dogs and would like to share some of these mood-lifters with you here to brighten your day.

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#1 Cooper, The Labrador

Says “that’s definitely less than 6 feet apart, Karen!”

#2 Lemondrop, The Dalmatian

Checks on you if you are ready to embrace your inner dog and remember that if you can’t solve a problem, pee on it or bury it in the garden.

#3 Phoebe, The Parson Russell Terrier

Is just incredibly happy about the “working from home” thing.

#4 Toffee, The Working Cocker Spaniel

Just spaced out and happens to be staring in a general direction. But that’s ok, too. We know how that feels.

#5 Scout, A Galgo Mix

Will listen to all your problems. She has no answers either, but maybe dogs ARE the answer.

#6 Hazel, The Laekenois

Loves you even after you washed off her new perfume “Eau de Manure”.

#7 Ansgar, The Labrador Puppy

Is always ready to boost your happy hormones.

#8 Ernie, The Beagle

Just found out that you are who you are when no-one’s watching. And it’s shocking. But he’s a good boy, he won’t tell anyone.

#9 Django, The Basenji

Is seriously interested in how you are doing and whether you still eat that or not?

#10 Nala, The Labrador Puppy

Is going to be a service dog when she’s big. Is there a superlative to being “essential”?

#11 Hope, The Wolamute

Is as utterly befuddled as you are. If panicking would help, she’d panic, but it doesn’t.

#12 Püppi, The Miniature Bullterrier

Is just checking quickly. She’s available if immediate interference is necessary. If not, she’s off to seize the day by barking for no apparent reason whatsoever.

#13 Eddie, The English Bulldog

Might need a cup of tea first. And then a nap.

#14 Quinoa, The Doberman Mix

Knows that there’s always something to be happy about like socks or belly rubs or rolling in smelly stuff.

#15 Chet Baker, The Danish Swedish Farm Dog

Asks if you really think it’s time for another trip to the fridge?

#16 Louie, The French Bulldog

Is the most compassionate doggo of all. Seriously. And he would like to kindly inform you that there’s still some peanut butter on your upper lip.

#17 Finja, The Pointer Mix

Can’t believe what she’s hearing, but she fetches you a blanket if you need one.

#18 Be Happy For Finley’s Sake

He’s a Vizsla mix and just can’t handle too much drama.

#19 Mila, The Miniature Pinscher

Is off to the garden to dig up something yummy, but she will give you a second of her time if you keep it short.

#20 Karlo, The Münsterländer

Makes sure even Mondays are bearable. Or is it Tuesday?

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