Slugs are hiding/sneaking into my home and eating granola, I think they’re mutating.

Lately, I've been finding slug tracks inside my laundry room which is next to my porch in my backyard. The place is well insulated to my knowledge and there's no holes or anything under the door. Anyway, after seeing these tracks I became suspicious but ruled it out as maybe a couple of stragglers on my shoes. After all, it has been a bit rainier lately, I live in California. Last night I came face to face with a demon. A HUGE garden slug about 2 inches long. I was scared shitless. I have a special relationship with slugs and by that I mean I hate and fear them. At first, I thought it was a cat turd it was so big. After having a stroke I picked it up with a plastic fork and flung out into my front yard hoping a bird would eat it. I thought that was the end of the mutated slug drama. Tonight I find myself in the kitchen at 1 am and I see two more sitting there. One of them is eating granola. I am horrified and scared for my life. I look at my backyard porch and there's 6 waiting to get in. How? I don't know! All of them both inside and outside ones are also huge not as big as the first one though. I fear the stuff in the granola is altering their DNA. How long was the first one sneaking around and where was it hiding? I am trembling in fear and I'm scared to go out into my kitchen/laundry room for fear of coming across these invaders. They're taking control of my household and I can't do anything about it. What do I do? Where are they hiding? HOW ARE THEY GETTING IN?????

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