How to remove neighbours rat poison??

Hello, We have a rat burrow on a shared property with multiple tenants. I informed the landlord and he sent pest control out who set up poison. (I earlier set up a very successful live trap too, follow the legal requirements and advice for it) I hung up a leaflet to inform the other tenants of my trap and the poison.

We have a neighbour dog who's using the yard, multiple cats and birds. The burrow is on a lifted garden area.

After informing another tenant of the pest control poison to tell other tenants to keep their pets safe, said tenant went on and sprinkled rat poison pulver all over the lifted garden area. Just out in the open. I know for a fact that the local cats and birds often sit up there. A gust of wind can blow it all over our yard and on my car which is parked directly next to it.

How can I safely remove it? It is illegal to put loose rat poison out in the open like this here(uk) should I report her? I specifically made her aware of the dangers of rat poison and reminded her of the pets in our yard. A toddler could easily access that garden.

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