Is something special happening to me or is this all just a Coincidence? I really don’t feel like it’s nothing.

I wasn't sure where to post this. I'm sorry if this isn't the right place if it's not someone can tell me where it would be better as a post. I created a new account just for this question because I'm really nervous and don't want people to judge me too hard, you know how people are in 2020.

It's really just a mix of everything. Not just one thing or a certain topic. I'll try to keep it short and explain it fast. It started back in March I think. I was having really vivid dreams, then in the same week, I had this dream where I had heard what sounded like the most beautiful music I ever heard. I never heard the song before the dream. I woke up and remembered the whole thing. I actually got really excited because I know about certain artists who dream about their songs and I love singing. But I just find out from my friends that it's the main theme to "pan's labyrinth." I try to explain that I've NEVER watched or heard of that movie ever. But no one believes me and think it was just in my long term memory. I watch the movie, move on, and don't think much of it for a while.

Now it's about mid- April. I come across this youtube channel that does a lot of those "Pick your card" videos. I was bored, all the schools had just closed due to the pandemic, so I just start watching a bunch of her videos and get really interested in the concept of manifesting in particular. I remember that I have some crystals from a time my family and I went to a cave for a road trip. They sold them in the gift shop. I dig through my stuff and find them and just held onto one in each hand and breathed in and out while closing my eyes. I try to think of my wish but my arm felt tingles almost immediately so I freaked out and put everything away. Then a few days later I had another vivid dream but I dreamt of my wish coming true. I wake up and it's 3:33 am.

Ever since then I've been seeing more and more of these what I found out were angel numbers. I got tired of looking up what each one meant after I kept seeing them. I still see them that often. So I made a chart of what each one meant and hung it in my room. The one I keep seeing more and more often is 555.

When this first started, I was just really comforted by the fact that I was seeing the numbers. It meant that angels were nearby and surely nothing bad will happen to me. But then I started getting way too obsessed with the idea of faires. Listen, I know how it sounds and this is why I really want to stay anonymous because talking about fairies and believing in them all of a sudden might get you sent to get shock therapy. I started learning about how some people are more connected to the "other worlds" than others and how young people are more likely to see things. Up until this point my idea of fairies was still Disney. I didn't even connect the events to the movie I watched in March yet.

After reading about other people's experiences with fairies I start to get a little scared. Maybe I shouldn't be dealing with these things. In fact they kind of sound like demons. But then I got stories of people who say they had the spirit of the fae in their garden and I hear more Disney like stories from them. While all if this is happening I'm still seeing the angel numbers and having vivid dreams. Besides the horror stories, nothing bad has happened to me. I actually feel blessed but I don't know if I should just put all of this behind me or if one of you can give me some advice on what to do.

I just wrote a few songs days ago. They just came to me naturally like never before. and I feel like I can write one whenever I want. Like if I picked up a pen and wanted to write a song, I could right then.

If fairies are real, Do you think the dreams I'm having are like messages from them? And are they more evil than good? Should I stay away? What are the correlations between angels and fairies? Are the angel numbers telling me to keep learning or messages for me to stay away? And should I try manifesting and if it is a good idea, is it safe to do so now while my spirit seems so open to different forces?

I apologize for any typos or if some sentences don't make sense. I know this is a big subreddit and maybe only a few of you will see this. But I'll read anyone who comments, believers or not, and try to take someone's advice.

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