how to deal with half full garbage can in kitchen to prevent roaches

hi pros! Glad i found this subreddit! I have a question regarding how to keep kitchen garbage can clean. I used a 13gallon trash can and usually fill one every 2-3 days. So there will be a couple days during the week that a half full garbage can is sitting in my kitchen. So should I also change to a small trash can and clean out every night? Or as long as i dont leave food out on countertop and clean off the grease off my stove top (which I do everyday) I should be fine?

Thank you!

More background info:

I saw one oriental roach in my bathroom last week at 10am and one dead in my kitchen at 7pm. Occasionally saw a few in my garden during day time. I googled and found that seeing roaches during the day probably means infestation so I called pro asap. Pest control is coming monday but I feel i need to start act too. So today husband and I deep cleaned our kitchen, completely wiped under the stove and fridge (surprisingly these spots are not actually dirty but anyways). My only concern is my 13 gallon trash can.

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