Stopping pigeons flying into my apartment

Does anyone know why this might be?

The building next to my top floor apartment has a roof which is lower than my roof and thus more or less parallel to my windows round the back of the property. I think some pigeons have nested there and so this is the reason maybe they are curious and looking in my apartment. Maybe they are also hungry but I live in a city centre so wouldn't expect this (unless lockdown means less food around).

My partner found two outside our front door in the communal hallway the other day and another tried flying into our living room but the blinds luckily deterred it and it flew away. The other windows have no blinds.

I found one this morning in my hallway and it had managed to close the window behind it. It let me open the window and it flew out but it also pooped on my partner's cost, scarf and some of my work notes.

Anyone have ideas for how I can deter them or keep them out? I got some poop on my hand too and the stuff I hear about bacteria somewhat worries me. I heard garden protective netting could help not not sure how I could secure it to the window adequately. My landlady is doing nothing to help me.

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