What flying insects are in my apartment and how do I get them out?!

About a month ago I saw what looked like a fruit fly in my bedroom. I brushed it off cause I saw it once and I don't have anything that attracts them. About a week later there was multiple but I would just see them "around" and everywhere but the kitchen (until another week went by and then they were there too but still no one place where I could find them). I did the apple cider vinegar + dish soap and turned up empty handed. Also did white vinegar + baking soda and boiling water on the drains. Now, I've started seeing these brown things flying around as well. They have the build of a mosquito but they don't buzz and are much smaller (larger than a fruit fly and smaller than a house fly). Their "eyes" are dark brown and their body is thin and light brown (almost clear) and legs are visible. They are difficult to kill cause there's no one place I see multiple. Just one at a time flying around. I keep my apt VERY clean (sweep daily, take out the trash every 2-3 days, wipe down counters, sink and stove daily too and I vacuum 1-2x a week). It's also a new apartment with minimal furniture so it's quite empty compared to most. They're difficult to kill and spot since I only see them flying and my walls are taupe and so is my bedroom furniture.

Context: I live in TX and most days surpass 85 degrees and it doesn't cool down until October. My apartment complex is outdoors and a creek is literally right behind my building. Pest control will only spray if they find a nest/hive/eggs or actual live bugs and because it's just one guy he isn't thorough and is in and out in under 5 minutes and is hesitant to inspect areas of the apartment he doesn't think are necessary to look at so I wanna have more information before calling (it I have to since it's an ordeal cause of the demand). Also across from my balcony is a garden (aka there are lots of insects on my balcony/outside my building). Oh and I also have a cat so needs to be something that won't harm her (I live alone so she's often w me when I see one)

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