Bugs in my room but idk why😭😭 pls help

okay so recently I have been finding A LOT of bugs in my room and I’m not sure if this situation is getting out of hand so hear me out.. Firstly, I keep finding ants in my room. I’m not sure why this is so as I literally never eat in my room, but I will find at least 3 ants in my room per day. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I have peonies in my garden out front, but I’m not sure how an ant would climb all the way up my house and to my room located on the second floor. Secondly, I found a silverfish in my room. This was definitely the most horrifying find of all. Again, I don’t have ANYTHING damp in my room, no towels or anything like that. And just now, I found a RED spider crawling on my floor. After doing research I have concluded that it was a woodlouse spider, and that they feed on bugs called woodlice. I’m not sure if this is just a fluke, because I’ve never found any woodlice within my household before (knock on wood😰). If anybody could help me out that would be great, thank you so much

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