Oriental Roaches

I’m on the third floor of an apartment building. The back courtyard definitely has an oriental roach problem, especially in the garden unit/ground floor area. However, I’ve seen a dead roach as far up as the second floor back porch and I’ve seen live ones up to the first floor back porch. I was already very paranoid about roaches when I moved in just two weeks ago and kept my drains covered, dishes washed immediately after use, and trash with a tight lid on it. A couple of days ago I found one live oriental cockroach in my apartment (it was in the morning?!) and now I’m super super paranoid. I inspected my apartment and haven’t found any signs of roaches, and noticed that my bathroom window screen had holes in it so I’m keeping that window closed now. I can’t even sleep because I’m so paranoid that the roaches from outside will get in again!! I put bait traps throughout my apartment but mostly throughout the back courtyard and two on every floors back porches. How can I ease my mind about this?! I literally cannot sleep I am so very paranoid because they are HUGE and I’m terrified of them. Mainly I’m wondering what are the chances that seeing that roach means that theres a problem in my specific apartment and how can I prevent them from coming into my apartment from outside? How big of a hole/crack can an oriental cockroach get through??

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