I am having a big problem with slugs and snails in both my frontyard and backyard, who are also getting inside my house.

I am from Chattisgarh, India. I have a problem with slugs and snails in my frontyard and backyard, and both my frontyard and backyard are quite large in size, who are also getting inside my house. I will lay out my 'mollusc mass murder evil plan' to control them, and ask for advice. I do not know the name of the species I am having problem with, but I will post two images I found on the internet of the species I am having problem with. None of these images are mine. Also, sorry if my grammar is incorrect, English is not my first language.

The molluscs I have problem with look like this.

Now, a little backstory. I had been unable to look after my garden for the like past 9 months because our grandfather passed away after long sickness. I spent most of my time during these months in the hospital, providing enough time for all sorts of weeds to grow in my garden up to great heights. I also had placed(actually scattered) some big stone slabs and pieces of woods for some construction work I had planned to do much earlier in my garden but due to unforeseen circumstances could not. Based on what searching the internet , this provided ample time and perfect conditions for these pests to move in and settle. I had only noticed them like a week ago, when I finally got some time to focus on my garden. To be honest, snails earlier were a rare sight and they were mostly larger ones whom I saw once in a blue moon, went on a snail hint, and got rid off. And I am seeing slugs for literally the first time in my life outside of books and television.

So, here is what I am planning to do. First, I will have all those massive weeds and grass removed from my garden, each and every one of them. I will also remove any ornamental or vegetable plants in my garden if I need to, if I feel they are going to shelter some snails or slugs.

Second, I will throw away any piece of wood, slab of rock, or any potential hiding places for these snails and slugs away from my home. I will also cement the areas of my garden that I do not use, or spray weedicides there.

Third and last, I will spray around molluscicides to get rid of any molluscs that escaped the eye, in each and every corner of the garden. And will keep repeating this for how long it is needed till they are all gone. After which I will try to take measures to not allow these creatures to enter my garden. Like not allowing grass to grow, not allowing weeds to grow, spraying chemicals that kill or repel slugs and snails.

So, is my plan going to work, how tough is getting rid of these things? What are some molluscicides I can use? Any other steps to control the slugs and snails in my garden and preventing them from populating again will be deeply appreciated.

Thank you.

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