Where are they coming from?

2 years ago I found 3 german cockroaches in my house, a few days apart. One was a baby and 2 were bigger. Two were from the bathroom and 1 from the front room. I smashed them to death and then deep cleaned every single area of my home (not exaggerating) I have seen nothing since and I've even watched cameras in the middle of the night to check I cant see them coming out, this is having a bad affect on me mentally.

About a year ago i went inside my neighbours house. It was in quite a state with a dirty kitchen with thick yellow grease on the walls and with food waste bags piled up next to the back door. She doesn't ever put her waste bags outside so I'm assuming they stay in her home for 2 weeks at a time until they are put out for collection.

I have noticed when I've opened the door into the garden that on two different occasions I've seen german cockroaches on the wall that connects our houses together (8months ago and 2 months ago). Do cockroaches live outside? Can my neighbour be creating a nice environment for them? Are they trying to come into my house by lurking on a wall outside? How do I stop them getting in? Are they moving towards my house for a reason? Is 2 enough to worry about? Can they get in through small gaps ? Can I use anything in the area to stop them coming in?

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