There is the planet Earth and then you have Australia

By Alessandro Carosi

An other evening in the beer garden in Bundaberg federal backpackers chatting,drinking,laughing and talking about our dreams

A market in the middle of nowhere in 1770(dosen’t sounds like but is actually the town name) only in Australia

One night from my room at federal backpackers in Bundaberg I heard screaming and crying from an other room,I jumped out of the bed as other people did and runned to the room where the screams came from,few girls crying told us that a bunch of mice climbed the bed and walked on them,I was really sorry about that but living in a farm town and living all that food on the floor I don’t wonder why those mice came in that room and not In the others 🙂

Here we are all ready to go to work to the farms,it was a simple happy life with not much to think,we would work,we go back to the hostel,we would chat and laugh in the beer garden and then go to sleep

How much food cooked,how much laughed,cried all in that little square,in that little square where I saw someone that even if i didn’t know yet my subconscious already knew would become someone important for my life that would take me to a beautiful journey

Working in the farms was hard but an unique and wonderful experience that no money could buy

Farmer Dave and his tractor at work in Bundaberg

Lunch time in a sunny and hot afternoon in Bundaberg picking pineapples

I can’t remember what I was talking about but it seems to me that was something really important…….maybe 🙂

Lunch time after picking pineapples all morning,looking at those pics make me laugh thinking at some of my customers complaining about food not covered properly cause the risk of dust,germs and disease,at the time we didn’t even wash our hands,by now we should be all dead 🙂 in Bundaberg

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