Large raccoon latrine cleanup in yard?

Looking for input on how best to tackle the cleanup of a LARGE raccoon latrine. It is in the back corner of my yard and it is getting to the point that a good portion of my yard is unusable. I have a toddler that likes trying to eat dirt in my garden so I'm rather paranoid of raccoon roundworm and want to sterilize the area and deter these suckers for good. Thankfully we have a front yard the toddler can play in, but I hate that a good quarter of my backyard is unusable right now. It makes going back there at all rather depressing.

I had previously poured about 20 kettles of boiling water on it to sterilize it and cleaned it all up then covered the area with some old plywood sheets to deter further pooping. The buggers started pooping right next to it. At this point I'm thinking the best option is to soak the area with water (because fire) and then take a flame-weeder-torch and just burn the whole area to kill any worm eggs.

Thoughts? Advice? Better options? (Other than to have a hose and/or fire extinguisher on standby)

Would something like "critter ridder" be sufficient to deter them once it is cleaned up? It is illegal in my area to trap and release them and I don't have it in me to kill them (not even sure if that is legal).

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