Blow flies in garden

Please be gentle lol, I'm a woman living on her own at the moment and have no clue about these kinds of things, so sorry if I'm being stupid.

So I just want to know what constitutes as an issue in terms of blow flies in the garden, or if it's normal.

Basically, whenever my dogs poop in the back garden, if it's a warm day, within like 5 minutes there are blow flies ALL over it. It's annoying cause I regularly go out there to clean up after the dogs, but even if it's only been like 5 minutes like I said, I'm having to shoo away loads of blow flies before I'm able to pick it up and chuck it away.

Bit of background – I'm in the UK (suburban area in the south) my back garden is relatively small, paved but recently there are lots of weeds that have grown through that I've got a man coming over next week to deal with. I haven't been able to jet-wash the paving since before lockdown because the jet-wash is at my grandad's (and I also have no idea how to set it up since I got rid of the last jet-wash lol) and there's patches of like…grime? Dirt? Idk just general outdoorsy type stuff on the paving in some areas, but the man is also going to set the jet-wash up and do that for me. My neighbour's garden is full of weeds and long grass that she never cuts lol (probably irrelevant but mentioning it just in case)

So with that in mind, does that sound pretty standard, or nah?If nah, how can I deal with it?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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