It is not unrealistic to hope for a more loving way of life that heals suffering

Many people believe it’s nearly impossible to create a loving society, but WE create this society. The only reason we’re stuck in a perpetual loop of suffering is because 1. We allow it and 2. We’ve been taught to stay stuck in this fake way of life. This society is designed to go against human nature. Think of Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. At the bottom of the pyramid there is the first step to fulfilling our psychological needs. Physiological needs. Food, water, shelter, sleep, air, reproduction etc. Think of how society is built, we are taught to spend the majority of our life focusing our energy on jobs that are unhealthy for us. They suck up our energy with no adequate exchange. Your time and focus is worth much more than a measly $12+ an hour. Because of this system, it’s nearly impossible for us to focus time and energy towards reaching self actualization by pursuing our interests and talents. When we focus on things that inspire and intrigue us, we’re naturally in a more positive and productive state. This allows us to continue growth throughout our life because we are following our souls purpose. But society distracts us from this. The schools are set up to teach us how to follow directions and do as we’re told. The work system is designed to drain our energy to the point where we can hardly focus on what we truly wish to. The food industry feeds us toxic and chemically treated food, even the produce has these toxins. The water system is drugged which alters our biological function. The air is polluted unnecessarily by factories that mass produce products that are detrimental to our health. The entertainment industry pushes propaganda that keeps us stuck in an egotistical, false reality. The media is designed to push fear and hatred that keeps us divided and distracted. The government, regardless the structure, always leads to over regulation and control of the public. This is the matrix. A system intricately designed to go against our psychological needs, alter our biological processes and feed into an energy sucking agenda meant to benefit those in “power”. Many people hear this and think “Well how do they benefit from this?” Some will say it gives them a sense of power, though this is a false power. But I’m reality, in the grand scheme of things, this is spiritual warfare. If you really look deeply into all of these things, after you sift through the lies, censorship and manipulation that stands in the way of the truth, you’ll find real proof that this is deteriorating our spiritual connection. They’re feeding off our energy because they live to consume death.

This realization can be discouraging to many. Even those who see that there’s something menacing about this way of life experience cognitive dissonance towards many of the topics I’ve listed. Many say, “Yeah but, what are your solutions? Otherwise, what’s the point in even being this up?”

Well I’ll tell you my solutions. Self-Actualization. Self govern. Become self sufficient. Let go of the false “ideal” reality that you were told to work for. We need to connect to Earth again. We need to understand the natural way of life. Stop relying on the government and corporations and school system and medical industry. We don’t need them. We’re told we do because we’re fed this idea that we can’t trust humanity to evolve into a loving, productive state. This is a lie, because it’s our natural instinct to pursue Self Actualization and the meaning of Self-Actualization is to continuously pursue your true self. Your soul. And connect with the higher power. A way of living that connects us all to take care of and teach each other. This is completely possible because it is within our psychology to be this way. The ONLY reason this is so difficult is because of the way society has been designed. We must have faith in humanity and embody the change we wish to see. We need to learn how to garden, build shelter, create our own products. We need to learn how to embrace nature the way we used to. The Earth provides everything we need and we are fully capable of learning how to harness these gifts. Some may think that this is true, but humans will take too much, but this isn’t a problem if we are truly self actualized- truly connected. Respect the earth and all of nature. Remember you too are nature. Build communities in person, not just online. Spread the knowledge that you receive and help people learn a more productive and efficient way of living. A self actualized society runs off of the energy of each individual putting into the collective. We can provide for each other. We can provide for ourselves. We can heal each other. We can heal ourselves.

Thank you for reading.

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