How can i be happy with what I have and stop seeking more?

Edit: I know this may seem silly and not as important as other posts but I have overcome a lot of things in the past, suicide attempts, self harm and lots of therapy. The one thing I'm afraid of is that my way of thinking will cause me to relapse.

I'm over coming depression, I also have autism and diagnosed with bpd. But I find myself always seeking something more.

I moved into a new house in the beginning of January, and already I'm thinking of moving on to a better house when I'm on my feet. I've also done up my garden which to other people will seem amazing but to me it's okay( for now) and i need more done to it!

Ive got (almost) perfectly working appliances but I want better.

Even with my 1 year old I find myself pushing her milestones, I feel bad for encouraging to walk and crawl early, she was walking at 9 months but it was mainly due to my determination, and of course she's a clever girl.

I'm afraid that this is going to make me unhappy with life and I'm already in debt. I'm trying my best to keep positive and tell myself that everything is great but I can't.

Is there any tactics or some sort of way I can convince myself that I don't need anything?

I'd appreciate if I could get help rather than being judged. I know I'm very lucky and I've done well in my life but just need to change my way of thinking 🙂

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