What can I say?


I have a new friend who sometimes says things like I’m alone and no one cares about me. I’m sure she’s depressed and the fact that everyone working from home is hurting her business is not helping. Idk what I can ask to not make something worse. I have said before if you need to talk let me know, but I don’t think she’ll reach out. I said I’d help her make some changes to her website for search engine optimization but i doubt she’s motivated.

Is it appropriate to ask what she is feeling when she clearly said I’m alone an no one cares? Is there an act of kindness I can do to help cheer her up like send flowers or strawberry’s? I’ve asked if she wanted to get some pizza over the weekend but she said she has spread out work things and maybe after the weekend. But then I see her post something that her plans got cancelled and no one cares about her. I’m sure she’s still open to going on a pizza picnic (due to pandemic) I just don’t want to be pushy. It would be nice to try to start a dialogue about her feelings but i don’t know where to start.

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