Signs of mental illness?

Hello. I'm 21 years old and since the coronavirus spread throughout my country I started to "isolate" myself from people and started to avoid gatherings larger than 4-5 people. I seek to avoid most encounters with people other than my partner and my best friend, because I just want to be most of the time alone. I started to love more than ever to be alone. I don't waste this time by doing nothing nor crying/ruminating the past/overthinking. I read,paint,cook,take care of my plants and most of the time I try to improve myself. When it happens to be around more people I immediately start to have anxiety because of the virus and can't stop thinking of going home. Some poeple told me that something seems wrong with me lately, because I lost most interest in partying and hanging out with larger groups of people. The thing is that I don't plan to start partying and hanging out with lots of people after this pandemic is over, because I just love to be by myself most of the time. I had little to no hobbies before the pandemic. Will the anxiety of being around more people go away after this is over? I always had a bit of anxiety being around people other than my small group of friends, but i never had the urge to leave. Is this urge of isolation a sign of some mental illness or I just started to purely love me-time, because I have more hobbies? What are some other symptoms I should pay attention for? Thanks in advance!

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