An incredibly fast awakening

I met a high vibrating girl (now my ex) 4 years ago. Fell instantly in love and she brought me to levels I never been at before. But my default state was lightyears from her. The same way a low vibrating atom gets attracted to a high vibrating one and after awhile cannot hold on to that speed I fell down in darkness. A depression that lasted for several years, of course with exceptions when I felt okey. I couldn't keep up with her social life and I went to the doctor. They believed I suffered from ADD and I got heavy medications, both uppers and downers. The uppers got me up (in an artificial way) and things went fine until I crashed. Eventually she broke up with me. She is a realized being, something I have understood more and more as I have advanced myself. Also,my journey has made me understood her perspective, and I have seen my old me through her eyes. It has been incredible painful from time to time, especially because I really loved her deeply. But I could't help reacting the way I did, it was a biological reaction.

When she broke up with me I went into a black hole and I barely remember what happened the first month (9 months ago). I decided to go to India (I have no idea why) and so I did for a month alone. It started in a horrible way, but after a week I started to change and do the opposite what I felt like doing. I met my deepest fears and also decided to say yes to everything. I got open to new ideas, which led to a spiritual awakening that I have written about here. Since then everything has went incredible fast and such amazing things has happened. I have gained healing abilities and I can heal pain with my hands (like Reiki) and I have completely healed two of my teeth from caries after months of pain (healed in an instant). I did stop use amphetamine and bensodiazepines after years of daily use, and almost without any withdrawal at all. So many miracles that sometimes I wonder if I am dreaming (well sort of we all are, right?). I have met people in the strangest of ways that has been of great help for my awakening and me for theirs.

I experience instant manifestations so often that I do not even react anymore, even though it is fantastic in so many ways. Even thought it might not sound so from the way I am writing I have managed to lower my ego to almost non existence, which has been a prerequisite for reaching where I AM today. This has been going on now for 9 months and it doesn't stop… I get new realizations almost on a weekly basis and reach new level of vibrations, which gives me more insights in the truth. It is an amazing journey and I am so grateful, even though it has been times I have been experiencing the most intense, scary emotions in my life. Sometimes when a "major upgrade" happens (like only a couple of days ago) the ego comes back temporary and I experience fear, but it's only temporary. After that I feel a new level of love bliss in my body, which is there all the time in different levels.

It is such strong energy that I can feel heat and pulsating energy when holding a hand over my arm. And most of the time I experience such incredible peace and clarity. I have had moments when being in nature and experienced it like glimmering diamonds. Every flower has given me waves of love through my body and I have started to cry several times this summer of the beauty. The most beautiful thing with all this is that I have stopped judging people and feel this love for everyone. We all have different perspectives and view a situation differently, and I really cannot judge anymore. I haven't become angry for a long time now, and this has changed my social life a lot. People seem to feel the love I feel for them and they have become so gentle and nice, and really open in a new way. It is such a beautiful thing to experience.

Another thing is that I know absolutely anything is possible and that the only thing that prevents us from succeeding is our own doubts. If we believe in what we are doing we will automatically succeed, and this I have experienced time after time. Because we are all interconnected and in the end the same Being, we help each other both conciously and unconciously. Even nature (animals, plants) helps us as long as our intention is pure. Also, "material" things doesn't matter anymore. I don't have anything against it but there is no attachment anymore. Earlier I could become really angry if I got a scratch on my guitar or something, now it really doesn't bother me at all. I am still careful with my things but it happens automatically and I don't think about it. Lastly, my mental issues is gone completely. Depression has faded, general anxiety, OCD and "ADD" is gone too. It came just in time for corona which I haven't even thought about. Earlier I would have been scared to death.

I have now quit my job and decided to travel with my camper during fall/winter, and meanwhile start an own company focused on spiritual/life coaching. I want to serve and this is what I feel I should do, and I know it will work out 🙂 Regarding my journey I have no idea how far I will come but it really doesn't matter. If it stops here I am happy, if it continue I am happy too. Everything has happened so fast since it all started and I am a new person now. My old negative me is gone and replaced with a positive Self who knows nothing is impossible.

Another amazing thing is that I have seen butterflies for many months now. Literally everywhere and in the strangest of places. I see them as drawing on walls, tattoos, on Facebook, at postcards, real butterflies but the most amazing one was this. I found a meditation centre in the beginning of my journey and one day I went on a guided meditation and had incredible realizations. On my way out I saw two small paintings of butterflies on the table. I asked where do they come from and the owner of the place told me that someone had put them inside of the door just minutes before I arrived.

I just wanted to share my journey and show how fast it all can happen when it starts for real if you really put effort to it. If I can inspire someone I am more than happy. Be love!

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