Dark night of the soul – what it actually is

I may have discovered something huge about this. Please don't take what i say here for granted, as your experience may be different, but as far as i observed the way this life and energy works, i'm 99% sure that what i'm about to say is right. This is entirely intended to help you. I'm not writing this to gain anything,no likes, no approval. From what i experienced until now, everything that i do just for the sake of doing, it's coming from my higher self. Writing this doesnt make me happy or sad. It comes from a neutral place so chances are it's real.

The dark night of the soul is not a transition to anything. It is not a dying of anything. Neither is it a transformation. The dark night is a state of freezing. Life is flow. We are not humans, plants are not plants, animals are not animals, events are not events, words are not words. Everything is energy. We are awareness and we are playing a game. In order to be able to play the game, we must take on "the role". Our emotions are 'us' in this world; Our higher selves are made entirely of emotions, which are not static, they change all the time. Our higher selves are the actors, while awareness is what we truly are. We must learn that this is a game and let go of trying to change what is. That sounds like hell,right? You will think: how am i suppossed to be ok with not trying to change what is? Am i not supposed to chase after my dreams? Should i just lay down an watch the world burn around me?

No. Because "what is" has an effect on your emotions. Thats why you have to accept it and live in the present.It will push you towards something. And if you follow your feelings, you will always end up happier. Now this is very tricky. It will be a happiness that only you will feel. If you think about it from other's people perspectives, you will think you are not happy even if you are. Let's say you lose your house and your job and become homeless. What if you actually feel relief and a sense of adventure inside, but when you think about other people(what will they say, what will they think about me), it all seems a disaster and you want to die?

In this situation, you will most likely bury your true feelings and think your life is a nightmare. You will get another job and a new house and everything will be like before. Then you realize that you feel content, but not so alive as you did when you lost everything. There will be something missing. You will be back to your old boring life. Let life play the game. You are not a person, your life is not you. You are just watching. When it feels good, when you come alive, it means it is well, you are synchronized with the universe. You live for you, not others. Maybe if you followed your heart, you would have moved to the countryside and became a farmer, far from the noisy world of cities, or anything else. And there, maybe you could life a fulfilling life.This was just an example, it could be about anything else.

In the Dark Night, there is a lot of emptiness, numbness, sadness, loneliness. But it comes because we are not willing to accept what is. We get scared and we hide. We numb ourselves. We stop leaving the house. We want out of this hell. The dark night is a time to get crazy. There is nothing left to do. We come to a halt. We did everything, tried everything we knew, yet it doesnt work anymore, and no one from the outside can help us.

From this place, you must go inward. Which sounds like a journey towards something, but it's actually a stopping of walking towards anything. Inward means here and now. We are right here, we have been here all along, but our fears created thoughts, and these thoughts dragged us far away. We must learn to separate ourselves from the world. We are not the people around us, not the cars passing by, not the mean words we have heard. We are in the center of it all, watching it all.

This life is a game but it is all there is. We must fix our "characters" , which means we must fully align with our higher selves. When inside a dark night, we must unfreeze ourselves at all costs. I want to tell you that sadness is different from suffering. Happiness and sadness "are". Suffering is absence. The dark night of the soul is a void, an absence, which is why we feel dead inside. We become different after it because we learn how to be more in the flow. We dont have to wait for it to transform us, because it wont. We transform ourselves by doing things that get us out. It is not suppossed to last for days, months, years. It is a blockage. And we stay there because we dont want to face the world. It usually happens after tragedies or during depression because we are reluctant to move forward. We do not want things to be the way they are,so we freeze.

So allow yourself to feel sad. Allow yourself to feel scared. Allow yourself to do anything you feel like doing. Scream, hit a pillow, grieve.These feelings pass if we dont blame ourselves for them. We must love our sadness. We must be proud of our feelings. They are perfect, because they are part of your higher self. They have a reason. You did not put your feelings of sadness and fear inside you. They just are there. Don't numb them, because they are you. It's like killing yourself. They are your power, so let them show up and tell a story. It doesnt matter what happens around you. I have come to the realization that everything that happens because your feelings is never bad. It's part of the play. If you lash out at someone, you both learn a lesson. You learn that people can be hurt by certain things, they learn not to mess with sad persons.

So get out, because life is not real, but you are trapped here as long as you have a body. Learn to play your character and let only your heart be your judge. You are here to experience being separated. You are taking care of yourself from somewhere beyond, but you dont know it. Take your role and play, because you have no option. Never numb your feelings, they are you. They are your home. And the more you stay in the flow, the more resilient and satisfied you will feel.

The dark night of the soul is just a frozen state. You emerge like a different person because you come alive by unfreezing yourself. Take it slow, but do it as soon as you can. Come to terms with the fact that there is no other option here. Grieve the illusion you thought life was. Really, grieving is the word; it is so painful to have an illusion shattered, and when it comes to the nature of the whole reality, it is especially hard to accept it.But no matter what, know you will always be ok. There is no punishment on the other side. Only your home. This place is hard enough. Dont expect to repeat lessons if you cant handle them this time. You are everything, you can do what you want, there is no one else bigger than you to force you into anything. You are here because you chose to.

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