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These are my thoughts ApollosWRLD

Over the years of doing research till i exhaust my self and got myself stuck i have came too these conclusions. i am only currently 20. since a kid i have had conclusions and thoughts about life, and it all started when i found out about lucid dreaming/astral projection. i went from those concepts too an understanding i don’t even have words for. this is currently my ideas

Dating back too the first civilization that recorded history all the way up too now. a lot of civilizations believed in these gods. from my understanding after looking through them all, i can only conclude that the gods they spoke of were extraterrestrial and far more advanced than we can imagine. they have paintings, and pictures chipped into walls of UFO’s. and even today the pentagon has made a “new” task force too study UFO’s. what has me fully convinced is structures like the egyptian pyramids, aztec temples, easter island, and of course the pictures of beings that are definitely not human.

The book of enoch which was part of the bible but king james took it out and with many other books for reasons i don’t know. i thought if it was gods word then it’s right? pretty hypocritical of him. Enoch talks about Fallen angels, Giants, space ships, and noah and the great flood before it happened. There is proof that giants use too be here (bones found) and the fallen angels which i assume he is talking about aliens, liked the females here and the outcomes of that was the giants. well a being higher than them didn’t like that so what is said and idk how how too justify it but put the chained fallen angels in the center of earth. enoch continues too explain the higher beings hit the north pole with a massive object and caused the great flood and that enoch was taken up before it came. hence in the bible genesis it says enoch was picked up and let into heaven without facing death. noah’s ark was probably not a boat but maybe a space ship of some kind cause come one now, ain’t no way a normal person could do all that. there is proof that the great flooding did in fact happen.

enoch also talks about a red planet that comes around and there atmosphere need a molecule that gold has or else it would be depleted, and they came from their planet and took everyone’s gold. people connect this with Planet X but rather assume that maybe it might of been mars, because mars did have water and did have life but it seems they have destroyed themselves. but i honestly am not sure about it. with religion today reading them points too UFO’s and extraterrestrials, because it is said god came down from the clouds, god was walking in the garden of eden which my thoughts where the first civilizations town when the aliens took over and made them slaves and those who obeyed were banished. i imagine how the aztecs were almost completely destroyed and other events were humans almost went extinct was from these beings angry from disobedience.

so where are they today? Maybe among us, or they could have died out. there is definitely 100% proof that UFO’s are playing around and the activity is getting more and more frequent. now is it our fellow humans from russia or china, i do not know. that’s the big question. we have been completely lied too about our origin and history. they turned UFO’s into a conspiracy and now all of a sudden they are real.

i ask my self. why do we exist? why am i who i am at this very moment? outta infinite possibilities, i am this human. i think that this is just the beginning, it’s weird tryna think where existence came from and only way too describe it is “is and am”. We are all of a sudden on a planet spinning and orbiting around a sun, which is also orbiting and super massive black hole with trillions of other stars, that is moving at a speed that we probably can’t even calculate. so my guess is, if i can just exist as this human. when i die, why couldn’t it happen again? seems impossible that nothing is the outcome of death or we wouldn’t be conscious. another possibility we are the last living species in the entire universe capable of consciousness. Humanity has definitely evolved on a conscious level and maybe that’s why we are here rn at what it seems like the perfect time. too assume you are an ancient soul is pretty irrational and too assume you have had 1000’s of past lives as well. i think if it was true, you would know or would be a being far more advanced. i believe when we die we become someone else, or something else capable of consciousness and whatever you are at advanced wise in your world is based off your consciousness and soul evolution. when we sleep it’s boom we are awake. if i died rn, everything that could possibly happen would be done, time wouldn’t exist, uncomprehending too really explain. which i assume sparks everything for new experiences and possibilities and new ways for different consciousness’s too experience, so the universe learns its self.

But here’s the thing, we are basically just a bunch of monkeys on rock, that the majority thinks, this is it, we only matter, nothing exist outside earth. it’s irrational too believe these kind of things, the reality is, global warming is irreversible, countries are on edge towards war, and it feels like everything is falling apart. and maybe it is, maybe we are destined too self destruct from nukes, or if that’s not the case, you can guarantee a catastrophic 2050 year. waters will rise, plants won’t be able to grow, weather will be bad and eventually humanity won’t be able too live. now that is the real reality we have.

Lets assume, the reason the pentagon is releasing UFO stuff is too slowly make people use too it so when they do come, people won’t go into shock and the world turn too chaos. so that they can fix our atmosphere and help us advanced. now this is a big big IF. chances are the UFO’s are Russian, chinese, or american, technology. they have been tryna make them since 1930. but our ancient history shows that we have been visited.

a lot of people like too scream “Deep state! Demons! Reptilians!” at our world leaders but if you really watch videos of these guys meeting, you clearly see they have no secret alliance, they are all awkward and it’s all ego. i doubt they sit around a table and think of evil plots. if there is a cult running things i can only imagine them too be aliens who are having a impact on them through some type of power. The events that happen around the world that people call a “distraction” too hide the “truth” is so absurd. These events are really happening, people are really dying. that’s like saying covid is fake till someone close too you dies from it. how self centered is it too say shootings are fake and that no one died. imagine it happening too you. of course these types of people scream “ITS THE END! REPENT! THE MATRIX IS COLLAPSING!” whenever a unfortunate event happens too them. it’s so delusional.

so what matters and what is true? everything i have mentioned, are facts and possibilities, it’s either we have no significance why we are conscious, which makes no sense what so ever. or we are at the very beginning and things get more interesting through life times. reading old philosophy, and old science, it’s really all just a joke now. yes they can help people in major ways, and they helped me evolve but for me too listen too alan watts or someone else and be like “okay this is it, this is the truth” is stupid too me lol. i’m still striving too find out and evolve more. people go on with life with no thoughts about life, it’s really like they are bots.

of course who am i too act like i’m all knowing? this is just a individualize consciousness, reaching out too others with possibilities that it could help them. or simply i get hated on because maybe everything i’m saying is destroying your reality. but i made 100% sure with what i believe in is done too what is right and could only make sense. human sense at least. people of course are allowed too believe whatever they want. i will not try and bash you or make you think that you are wrong. but when the time comes that UFO’s show up, or global warming comes or hell even WW3. try and understand that it’s not the end but the beginning. only hope for humans is advanced beings coming and helping. tryna populate mars wouldn’t work out if supplies has too be constantly taken too mars from earth which would have too happen for a long time. and if they did get water going there, how will it be functional if there is no moon. the moon plays a major role here. and isn’t it strange how our moon doesn’t rotate or that the creators on the moon have no indication of asteroids actually hitting it cause of no rock evidence, or impact trails. and how when the US went on the moon when they landed the seismic graphs, showed that the moon vibrating for one hour when they landed on it. i’m not gonna say what i think, that’s for you too research

999 love🖤♾🕊

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