Seeking information/suggestions/tips for cleansing a home with bad energy and spirits.

Hey there!

I am seeking some advice regarding cleansing a home that has negative energy radiating from it. Some context—I have recently moved back home with my parents as I unfortunately lost my job a few weeks ago (due to COVID-19). This was a hard decision to make because my relationship with my parents has been strained for quite some time and I haven’t really spoken to them in a while, mainly because of the negative aura they carry. I believe they have been severely depressed for some time now.

Since I have been back, I’ve noticed their attitudes and behavior has been really off, almost creepy. I’ll explain— any conversation I have with them, whether a light hearted conversation or a happy/positive one, they turn into something negative. And I know depression very well, as I myself, have dealt with it in the past. But they seem really off. Now, they don’t really attempt to have a conversation with me at all. My mother has started to just stare at me without saying a word, anytime I enter a room. If I’m being honest, at first, I thought her mental health was declining. But recently, I’ve noticed that she’s mentions my name under her breath. Stares off into the distance a lot. She doesn’t seem like she’s present at all when you are talking to her.

In the past, I have felt uneasy at my parent’s place, mostly in my own room, but not to the extent I do today. Since I’ve been back, I feel like something is staring at me while I sleep. At first, I was ignoring it or ready to call myself mental. But the other night, I was casually catching up on some of my favorite podcasts, when I sudden got the chills, and felt uneasy. I haven’t really gotten great sleep because I’m almost afraid of shutting my eyes. Yesterday, I finally spoke with two of my close friends about this and they suggested that I pray heavily and tell whatever spirit maybe at my parent’s to go away, it’s not welcome. After discussing this with them yesterday, I returned to my parents around the afternoon, and was spending some time in the living room, which I normally never do, and I got so frightened because I felt that energy in the living room, closer to me. I have never been that scared, especially during the day. It made me feel like the spirit heard me talking with my friends. Almost as if it knew that I acknowledged it’s presence. I know some of you may think I’m insane, or that this is my energy, but I promise you that my energy in my old apartment was great, confirmed by many people, and I’m a plant lover that has thriving plants. I don’t want to forget to mention that my usually healthy plants are starting to die.

Since I’ve been back I’ve been trying to help my parent’s overcome this depression. They have let their living space go completely- they stopped cleaning, threw a lot of furniture out, and basically stopped caring for themselves. Also, they have distanced themselves from a lot of friends/family. Since I’ve been back I’ve been cleaning, redecorating, and trying to change up the energy. What I strongly believe is that some bad spirit has attached to my parents, who are in an emotionally vulnerable place, and may have attached to them. I think it doesn’t like me trying to change the energy. I’m starting to get really startled and I wanted to see if anyone had any advice for removing all of this negative energy from this space. I’ve read a lot about using sage, holy water, having a priest come bless the house. Does anyone know what I can do?

Thank you in advance for those who offer their suggestions!

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