Why we are all deserving of love (loveable)

We are all deserving of love (loveable) because we were made in the image of it

We deserve what we are, and what we are at our truest essence is unconditional love

That single sperm and egg and every manifestation of ultimate self sacrifice from every cell in our bodies from the date of our creation till now has created you as an act of, and in the image of unconditional love.

Your heart beating and lungs breathing and every autonomous behavior happening in your body right now to keep you alive is an act of unconditional self sacrificial love, with no strings attached only for your benefit weather you want to direct your attention towards it or not

The oxygen in the air created by the trees, plants, and organisms above and below water, created it without your asking, keeping you alive.

The sun nourishes us and provide our planet with life every day without asking for a single penny or compliment

The entire universe exists as unconditional giving/love, to give you the ability to give, receive, and experience love in this human form on this planet

You were created in the image of love, by love, therefore you are love, and you deserve what you are.

No matter what

Bad decisions don't define if a person is deserving of love

Mistakes don't define if a person is deserving of love

No outside or inside factor denounces ones deserving of receiving love from others or themselves

You can do the worst thing in the world, and it doesn't change the fact that you're still deserving of love.

Anything outside of you isn't you therefore it doesn't justify weather you are deserving of love.

Weather you have the ability to/choose to express that unconditional love which you are, towards yourself or others, varies based on external or internal factors, but all these factors exist within the image of your true essence (your soul/true being/unconditional love)

You were made from the universe, so you are the universe

You are deserving of love no matter what you do or don't do

You don't have to do something to be worthy of love

Other people may have standards/expectations to give you their love (conditional love,) but those standards don't define or restrict your deserving of love in the grand scheme of things

Your deserving of love is boundless, infinite, and everpresent

Someone who suffers from mental illness is still deserving of love

Everyone is doing their best which makes them deserving of love

Even if they're not doing they're "best", that's their maximum capability and ability of doing at the time, regardless of judgement or expectation from others, they're still doing their best and are deserving of love

Nothing outside of you defines your worthiness of receiving love

You are worthy of love because you exist, no if, ands, or buts.

Just as an innocent newborn child deserves to be loved/nurtured/and cared about

So do you

Just because your an adult, doesn't mean you are any less deserving of love than an innocent child

We all want love at our deepest levels and sometimes we do wild and outrageous things to get it when we don't feel it within ourselves.

Some are unexplainable, some unconcious, some wrong, but we do them because we long for love.

Love is all we want, for it's all we are.

This is why we forgive, be love, receive love, and set healthy boundaries.

We are here to experience love. Weather through others or ourselves. Weather by giving or receiving.

Love is the purpose

The rest is just dust in the wind

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