The Nature of Dreams

No level of consciousness is without some kind of participation in dream states… Even electrons, for example, dream. Dreaming touches upon both microscopic and macroscopic events, or realities, and is not simply a human characteristic… It is instead one area of subjective experience that is everywhere prevailing within the universe… Animals dream, as do plants, insects, and all forms of life.

The dream world is as organized as your own, but from the waking state you do not focus upon that inner organization. Your dream images exist. They are quite as real as a table of a chair. They are built up from particles, invisible only from the waking situation.

In sleep and dream states you are involved in the same dimension of existence in which you will have your after-death experiences. You do not remember the most important part of these nightly adventures and so those you do recall seem bizarre and chaotic. Your dreaming self has a body of memory as large as your waking self. As there is continuity to your daily life, so there is continuity in your sleeping life. Your waking physical self is the dreamer, as far as your dreaming self is concerned: You are the dreamer it sends on its way. Your daily experience are the dreams that it dreams, so when you look at your dreaming self and consider it, you take for granted that it is illusion and that waking reality is real. Its reality is far more native to your being, however. When you dream you are flying, you often are. Many of your experiences are precisely those that you will meet after death. In dream reality, there is no lag between the conception of an idea and its construction. In the sleeping state, you have a memory of everyone you have ever met in your dreams, though you may or may not have met them in your daytime existence. In the dream state you may have constant experience with close associates who may live in another portion of the world entirely, and be strangers to you in the waking state. As your daily endeavors have meaning and purpose, so do your dream adventures, and in these you attain various goals. These you will continue in the after-death experience. The vitality, force, life, and creativity behind your physical existence is generated in this other dimension. You are in many ways a fleshy projection of your dreaming self! In the dream state you learn, among other things, how to construct your own physical reality day by day, just as after death you learn how to construct your next physical lifetime. In dreams you solve the problems. In daytime you are consciously aware of the methods of problem solving that you learned in sleep. In dreams you set your goals, as after death you set the goals for another incarnation.

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