How do I pick up a hobby if I’m bad at everything?

Lol, where do I even start… it's easier for me to say what I'm not interested in and what I'm bad at.

Well, I'll start off with what I do like. I like photography, urban exploration/walking, movies and reading. That's stuff you don't necessarily need skill for. It's not productive. But due to depression, I don't do any of them. It's been like that for the past 3 years. Maybe I should focus on fixing this issue first. I don't find them relaxing anymore but I don't find them productive either. I like working out, but gym life isn't for me. I hate running as well. I have an interest in technology, but it's just superficial knowledge. I've considered taking up programming, but I'm not very confident in myself. I found AutoCAD fun, but when I'm given a task. I dunno how to do stuff myself. I like travelling, but I don't have the money to do so.

So that's the stuff I know I like. The thought of taking up a new hobby makes me anxious. If I don't see results right away, I'll probably lose interest.

I don't have good motor skills. So that's a no for instruments, dancing, crafting, origami, knitting etc. Anything that requires coordination is too complex for me. I don't find it relaxing, I find it stressful.

I like photography but I'm not good at other forms of creating like painting and drawing. I don't have the creativity for photo editing either.

I'm bad at video games. That one kinda bites me in the ass because I'm in my early 20s and playing video games with people does seem fun to me. But I am bad at them. Fighting games, racing games, anything that involves shooting, RPG's, anything.

I can't ride a bike. I get anxious while driving. Those would help immensely for exploring, but I don't find them relaxing.

Anything related to martial arts or physical activities are a no for me.

Collecting? I have no idea what I would collect. I think I'd know by now. I'm not passionate about anything.

Learning languages is fun but I'm not dedicated enough. I've tried it so many times and failed. I don't have the drive to learn them.

Meditation seems impossible for me and I don't find it appealing. Cooking too.

Growing plants isn't appealing to me. I don't think I can take care of them properly. I have one cactus at my home that I got as a present and that's it.

How can I fix this? I'm sick of myself. I find myself boring. Other people most probably find me boring. I used to be way more passionate and interesting. I feel like I don't have anything to talk about except memes or things I randomly saw that same day. I'm off limits for group activities with my friends because I'm bad at them.

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