Unwanted roommates moved in a couple weeks ago. They don’t bite, but they’re extremely annoying and pesty, and we are wondering…. WTF are these?!

Hi everyone, we're new to the group so please bear with us if we might be posting to the wrong place or in the wrong format. As the title says, we are currently baffled and wondering what these new unsolicited neighbours are, whether they pose a threat to our plants/pantry/furniture (although no perceivable damage can be seen around the home thus far), and most importantly, how to combat them. We have tried desperately online to try to find any information regarding these little brats but so far we still come out empty-handed, and we come here in honest and outmost desperation.

Some background info: they don't bite (as far as we can tell), many have wings (although I honestly have not seen them fly so far, just pretty much crawl all over the place) and are silent, that is, no noises whatsoever to be heard. For some additional clarity, we live in Germany, in a first story apartment of a building, which faces to the back side where some trash containers and a huge backyard with an extensive grass are are located, if it helps.

Any/every help or bit of information regarding what these insects are / how to rid our home from these is highly appreciated. Needless to say, we thank you in advance for taking the time to read our post.




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