Large housefly infestation, need help!

Hey all,

Thought I would come here and ask for some help. Over the last 3 days my boyfriend and I been having a massive problem with houseflies as the weather has warmed up. Basically, we'll manage to trap or kill most of them, and within an hour or so, there will be just as many as we started with (probably about 20 at a time). As you could imagine, it's not pleasant and I have no idea what to do, and its really disheartening. Apologies if this post is not well composed and overly lengthy, but I'm desperate and hope I can get some help 🙁

○Here is what we've done so far:

– Removed the trash cans and cleaned with bleach; I did see pupae in the trashbin which was placed the garage yesterday, so that was a likely culprit when this started, however, these have been removed & cleaned and the population persists.

– Mopped the kitchen floor, cleaned the kitchen counter, cleaned the dishes (Basically, the kitchen is super clean and there isn't food out).

– Cleaned the stove very well.

– Poured a hydrogen peroxide mix into various houseplant soil (in the case of maggots in the soil).

– Sprayed raid in the windowsills.

– Put up sticky window traps (they work great but it doesn't prevent the 'hatching').

– Put out a fly trap with that egg smelling goop in it, (also works good, but doesn't prevent hatching).

– Being vigilant on keeping the doors closed (No way this amount of flies can get in through the closed door, I don't think?)

– Going to vacuum the carpet today, in-case the pupae somehow managed to end up in the carpet…

○Other details & questions:

– I think these are all pupae somewhere hatching (beyond the larvae stage), but it's driving me mad as I have no idea WHERE they would be. We don't have a coffee machine, and I checked the toaster (which we use daily, and I don't think the pupae could survive that heat, and don't see any in there). How can I track down the source?

– The population largely remains in the kitchen and while they stray from the kitchen, they are mostly hanging out there. Is it possible they're hatching elsewhere in the house, and just flying to the kitchen as it's the primary source of 'food smell'?

– How likely is it that the soil of my plants is harboring pupae, and most importantly, how can I kill the pupae, without killing my plants? I am okay with chemically derived pesticides, I just don't know what to use, and googling this largely only provides results regarding fungus gnats, and I don' t know if those treatments also work for houseflies.

– I've used Spinosad soap or Neem Oil for caterpillars outdoors with great success, will these work against housefly pupae?

○Environmental Details: – It's being unusually humid here – We're in San Diego, it's been 80°f most of the last week and this week, with 70% – 65% humidity.

– We're in a house, it was built around the 1980's.

– I believe these are a mix of regular old houseflies, and/or blowflies.

– We have a 'city' trashcan in the alley behind our back patio, which they come by & empty weekly, it's relatively far from our house; but it attracts A LOT of flies to the can itself. unsure if this could be related?

Thank you in advance, let me know if any other details would be helpful!!

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