What is a safe ,multipurpose, bug repellent and pesticide that can be used indoors?

I live in a lower level apartment with a few house plants where the back part outside is very forested. Ive usually had not too many problems with bugs indoors where I live try to keep areas clean, and usually routinely spray CB80 and a duster with boric acid around the perimeter and crevices. This time it has proved not enough.

Ive noticed a lot of flies around the house and am not sure where they are coming from. Ive placed sticky floor traps in the area which catch a lot of bugs and help me identify trouble areas, but my fly traps on the walls aren't catching much. Yet I see flies very often and mosquito on one occasion. Also sometimes under the kitchen sink cabinet inside have noticed strange small hard dried black chunks which makes me think possible rodents? Most recently been also seeing moths, which is concerning me the most. I came home and under the window curtain on the windowsill was the biggest moth I've ever seen just laying there, so am worried about possible moth problem with damage to clothes.

What I got to try to take care of the bug situation is doing a full fogger/bomb , with Permethrin spray to spray clothes that are out with TalstarP for the crevices along with my CB80 & boric acid I usually put down. I'm wondering if this would be safe indoors to use on crevices and clothes like an apartment with proper ventilation and gloves,mask,goggles? Or too strong and harmful? If not are there any safer alternatives or am I better off getting a professional with all the things going on?

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