Can anyone help with the meaning of this dream?

Hi guys, so I lost my mum almost 5 months ago now, and I don't really dream of her a lot. I did at first, but I think as I started to forget her voice a little bit I stopped seeing her as much, and for the past couple months she'd be in my dreams just on the side, listening to me and watching me. I wouldn't really be actively looking at her or for her in the dream, just I'd notice her and carry on with my day. Weird thing is though that she would be completely expressionless and staring at me with wide eyes. Not too wide, but enough to be a bit creepy.

So the dream I had last night was weirder. There's a whole chunk that I already don't remember, but towards the end of the dream my mum just appeared in my kitchen. She had her hair down (which is weird bc she was never comfortable with it down) and again she was expressionless with those wide eyes. She died of cancer so she was very skinny when she died and in the dream she was skinny but not the way she was when she died. In real life she was quite chubby for most of her life after having 4 kids.

So, I was happy to see her and she told me she didn't know how she got here. Like we both knew she had actually come back to life. I asked if I could hug her and she said yes, so I did, but it was like hugging an object like a chair or something, she was cold. I got shivers when I hugged her. I told her this and she was indifferent. I said I was scared but happy she was here with us again and she said something like "yes but if I'm here for too long I'll get bad" (she was speaking bengali so maybe the translation is weird but I suppose she meant like angry or evil).

Earlier in the dream I was talking to my neighbour over the fence in my back garden (this really never happens since I'm really awkward so I don't really ever talk to them) and so for some reason my mum started to take a bunch of food out of the cupboard and bring it over to my neighbours. They didn't say a word about it, and they were having some kind of party too so it was just a really strange exchange, like they'd seen a ghost… which I guess they had.

My dad came downstairs and saw her, but for some reason he was shocked but not that shocked. My dad was the one who was most affected by her death so his reaction was pretty weird. For some reason he checked her neck? Her death had nothing to do with her neck. Me, my dad and mum were just talking in my living room for a while like we used to and then I woke up. Remember that the whole time, even when making jokes and stuff she was expressionless and wide eyed.

I just want to know if there's any meaning to this dream bc it was so weird and it really didn't feel like my mum.

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