My plan to keep from bringing roaches with me when i move – will it work? what more can be done?

I moved in to an apartment four years ago that was infested with roaches. I never had roaches before, but after 4 years, almost everything I own seems infested. I see them everywhere. In the last month, they have even found their way in to my fridge finally. If I open the fridge, more drop inside.

It's so bad it's one reason i am moving as i do not think they will ever go away here. I am desperate to keep them from coming with me so I made a plan. Will you please tell me if it's realistic, and what more I should do?

i read cockroaches will die if they don't have water for 7 days. so my plan was to literally put everything i take with me in contractor strength garbage bags, sealed up with duck tape so they are air tight. in the new home i wasn't going to open any of those bags for 2 weeks. will it work? i don't own much stuff. i have a sofa, and have never seen a roach in it (one of the few places I haven't seen them). should i just throw it away out of precaution? i also have a small glider chair. Should I toss it? (What if i disassemble it, and put the pieces in those bags?) i'm willing to throw stuff away. but say an alarm clock – i'm sure roaches are hiding in it. if i seal it in a garbage bag with duck tape, and keep it in there for say a month, would it be safe? should i start bagging things up before i leave? i have two weeks…

is there anything i can buy to put in the new place as preventative measure to keep any stray ones from infesting it? Is it actually possible to prevent it, just by watching for them and killing them? Or will they have already infested the walls?

One place they seem to be is my house plants. Oh man it will be so sad to me if I must get rid of them… I think they were attracted to the water :'(

One big problem I face. I am immunocompromised. it is another reason i am leaving the big city i live in… but i can not have other people inside my home during the covid situation. it makes things so much more difficult because i can't have a pest control person inside… any advice is appreciated. i feel like moving could be my chance to get away from them. is this realistic?

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