Can BCAA (Supplement powder) be sourced entirely from glucose?


I figured out how to upload a photo of our chat! See below for a better explanation. It isn't (too) long. 🙂


Hello all.

I had a chat with support from a popular exercise/ nutrition supplement company last week.

I wrote them to ask a question about the BCAA powder.

The nutrition label reads (briefly) as follows:

"Serving size: 8 grams. Each serving provides:

Carbohydrates: 3 grams (Flavoring)

Leucine: 2 grams.

Isoleucine: 1 grams.

Valine: 1 gram."

He told me that if their label were to list the ingredients by 'the macros,' their "BCAA product" would list no protein or fat, and 7 grams of carbs.

I thought that he might have been confusing the terms vegan and vegetarian, but he quite clearly stated he wasn't.

I understand that amino acids can be sourced through vegan and vegetarian methods, because plants contain protein, and protein is made up of specific sequences of amino acids.

But he claimed that their BCAAs were NOT sourced from the proteins of corn, but from the glucose.

I may well be completely wrong. And I'm not asking whether corn can contain amino acids, but rather whether it's glucose does?

I took screen shots of the conversation and then stitched the photos together for readability.

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to name the company, so I've tried to remove identifying information from the attached photo.

Absolutely not a single word has been added or removed.

I'm very much hoping I've misunderstood, as they have great prices etc.

Thanks everyone! 😀

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