Please help advise about droppings in shed

I noticed droppings (I think mice) in the garden shed on a section of the floor. This was about 2 months ago, when I quickly went to put something away in there. This shed has not beed used in a very long time and is basically just used for storing stuff now and is very full of stuff, so it's hard to even see the floor! No idea how much there is or if there's nests or anything else.

We need to clear it out – thing is, my mum is determined she's doing it on her own. I told her to consider professional help, and if it was up to me I'd just throw all the stuff away now anyway and then once it's all cleared out (including droppings) just keep it as clear/empty as possible, but she wants to do it herself and idk if she'll be trying to keep some of the stuff.

I'm worried about potential hantavirus, it's very rare apparently, especially in the UK, but I still want her to be careful so please, what are the main tips you have? Just air it out first, spray as much stuff down with bleach or whatever as possible and try not to sweep up stuff, right?

And would you advise just throwing the stuff away just in case or can we keep some of it??

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