You cannot eat 100% vegan without any health complications.

You simply cannot be 100% vegan and be healthy in today’s day and age.

I’m a PT studying sports science and exercise health and along with many conversations with peers who are nutritionists (and used to be vegan themselves) one of the dumbest things We’ve ever heard is people saying “oh I’m vegan and I don’t take any supplements” or “I get everything I need from plants” is totally FALSE.

I’m sick of wrong information being spread about the bullshit fad. There is something called vitamin B12 that is ESSENTIAL for the body, specifically the brain. The brain can’t function without it and there has only been 3 ways we can get this vitamin as our bodies can’t create it. One is from soil, which we haven’t been able to get because of how washed out our soil has gotten from pesticides etc. second is from supplements, which is generally not 100% vegan and defeats the purpose of getting “100% everything from plants. The third is ANIMAL PRODUCTS!!!

So, if you know anyone that is vegan and preaches that they don’t take supplements and are healthy, they are either lying or wrong and unknowingly killing their brain.

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