Floret Joins the Magnolia Network

After nearly a year of secrecy, I am so excited to finally be able to share the incredible news that we’ve been filming a documentary series about our farm for Chip and Joanna Gaines’s upcoming Magnolia network!

This new television network is part of Chip and Jo’s joint-venture with Discovery, Inc., and will debut in early October. Programming will center on home and gardening, food, design, lifestyle, and most importantly, community. We are thrilled to have been chosen to be a part of this groundbreaking new television network.

Behind the scenes filming for the new Floret documentary on Magnolia network About a year ago we received a flurry of requests out of the blue from a wide range of production companies who were trying to come up with show ideas that centered on gardening. The ideas ranged from high-drama competition-style shows to container gardening on a studio set in Florida.

After sitting through close to a dozen conference calls, it became abundantly clear that none of the show concepts were a good fit for us. We sat down as a team and decided that we were done entertaining the idea of any type of show unless we could tell the real story of Floret and the bigger mission we’re working towards.

Filming the new Floret documentary on Magnolia network While I have really big goals for both Floret and myself, being on TV hasn’t been one of them. Television is not something that’s been a big part of our lives. In fact, for years all we had was an old VHS player, and Jasper and Elora never watched regular TV unless we were at a hotel. 

Filming bulb planting for the new Floret documentary on Magnolia network But a few years ago, a friend was talking about this couple who had a small business where they worked together and were trying to make their dream a reality. She said that even though our businesses were completely different, their story was similar to our own and that I should check out this show called Fixer Upper.

Within minutes of watching the first episode I was struck by how down-to-earth and genuine Joanna and Chip seemed, and was surprised and delighted to finally find something we could watch together as a family. 

Filming the dahlia field for the Floret documentary on new Magnolia network Since then I’ve actively followed the Gaineses’ journey as they’ve navigated the incredible growth of their business. The way in which they’ve stayed true to their values and prioritized their family has been inspiring and has served as a good example for Chris and me to follow.

It’s rare, and refreshing, to see another couple making it work so well, given the pressure and challenges that come with running a small business and working alongside your spouse every day. 

Filming field of dahlias for the new Floret documentary on Magnolia network After sitting through so many dead-end meetings, we had been convinced that television was off the table. But that all changed when we got a call from the Magnolia team. Unlike every other interaction, this was one that made it clear that they were genuinely interested in what we were up to here at Floret. They didn’t pitch any smarmy show ideas or try and sway us into a heavily scripted, high-drama production.

Instead, they wanted to tell the story of our growing business, our family, and the incredible team that works with us every day. The Magnolia team was insistent that they could find a production company that would honor our story and be able to capture the magic that we’re making here at Floret. 

Behind the scenes filming Growing Floret for the Magnolia NetworkAfter a few weeks of discussions, they sent Blue Chalk Media, an award-winning Portland-based production company to the farm for three days to film a “sizzle reel,” which is essentially a trailer for a potential TV show.

The first day they arrived, we all were a bundle of nerves. We’ve filmed plenty of videos with our small DSLR camera, but the idea of having an entire crew with professional camera gear and sound equipment following us around was really intimidating. But their talented team immediately put us at ease, and we couldn’t have asked for a kinder, funnier, and easy-going crew. 

Behind the scenes filming Growing Floret for the Magnolia NetworkRight after the film crew left, we finished the last round of edits on A Year in Flowers, packed our bags for England, and left the country for two glorious weeks. While we were away, Blue Chalk Media flew to Waco, Texas, to share the sizzle reel with the Magnolia team.

The meeting was a huge success, and our documentary series got the green light.

Behind the scenes filming Growing Floret for Magnolia NetworkAs soon as we got home from England, the filming began, and we’ve been shadowed by the crew pretty much ever since. It’s hilarious how quickly we’ve all gotten used to the cameras and microphones being on!

But the experience has actually been a total blast, and we’re having a really good time. 

Behind the scenes filming Growing Floret for the Magnolia NetworkIt has been so hard to keep such an exciting secret for so long, and I’m thrilled that we can finally share the news. Now that we can openly talk about the project, we’ll be updating you with more information as soon as we have it. 

I am beyond grateful that Joanna and Chip felt that our story was one worth telling, and I’m so excited to share more about our farm and our journey with you very soon.


On Sunday, April 26th, Chip and Joanna hosted a 4-hour network preview event called Magnolia Presents: A Look Back & A Look Ahead that kicked off with a “look back” at where it all began with the wildly popular show Fixer Upper, including some never-seen-before footage. Afterwards, Chip and Jo offered a sneak peek at the first shows to debut on the network, including our original series, Growing Floret. The special aired on the DIY Network, which will soon become the Magnolia Network

In case you missed it, the special will re-air on Saturday, May 16th at 11AM PST. Check out the DIY Network website for more information. The snippet about our show is approximately 15 minutes into Episode 4: A Look Ahead.

Many of our international followers have asked about how they can tune in from abroad and sadly international access is not available yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we hear.

* Photographs by Rob Finch, Creative Director at Blue Chalk Media

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