Where am I spiritually? Any chakras open?

When I close my eyes, I can see and make vivid images in my mind, project them in front of me.

If I focus enough, I can even create my own visual world with my eyes open but that is MUCH tougher.

I can see a wide spectrum of colors, sometimes I can even see light's beams, and the smallest details such as tiny bugs in the grass or dust in a room.

I am extremely empathetic when it comes to plants and I can feel the vibrations of nature and the sun.

When I walk in the sun my body has an almost orgasmic reaction where it feels a wave of love is overtaking me.

I am on a vegetarian diet since Febuary and have been working very hard to shift to Non-GMO Veganism.

I do NOT meditate consistently and when I sungazed I did it wrong. I plan for this to change ASAP.

Where am I spiritually? I usually underplay myself but I feel I am in a good position and beyond some minor lightheadedness from my diet which I am fixing, I am always very high energy.

I have also done extensive shadow and ego work and continue to face my subconsiosness and try to be as self aware as possible.

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