in2Care vs. Spraying for Mosquito Supression

Firstly, I'm curious to know if any of you (either in the pest control industry, or, as consumers) have first-hand experience with the newer in2Care system of mosquito suppression. It's the system that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation helped fund, originally, in an effort to reduce mosquito borne illness in Africa, but which has since slowly started making its way to the US as a form of mosquito suppression. I found two pest control services in my area that were licensed to provide in2Care. Both have visited my house to provide a recommendation and estimate. Both companies seem to be highly reputable and the pest control specialists I spoke with seemed quite knowledgeable, but they had different approaches:

The first built a recommendation that only included in2Care — in fact, they've switched exclusively to in2Care on their mosquito suppression services given the success they've seen in their first year+ of offering the service.

The second pest control vendor actually recommended beginning with 'regular' spray service, which they still also offer in addition to in2Care. They said that given that my garden has a lot of landscaping (plants, shrubs, trees, ornamental plants etc.) that a spray service would work well because it has plenty to cling to. They recommended starting with that and that if it wasn't enough, they could add in2Care in addition (after installation, it would only add $10/service visit) to add in2Care. They said they could start both spray and in2Care service right from the beginning if I preferred, but suggested it may not be necessary.

I appreciate that the second vendor isn't trying to sell me everything all at once, but I specifically sought out these two vendors because they were the only two that offered in2Care. I'm a little torn about who to go with given that their overall pricing for pest control is fairly consistent. Sorry if you see this post more than once. I might crosspost to a couple of relevant subreddits.

I'm located in North Florida and have a medium sized yard with a dense variety of landscaping.

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