Coincidence or no?

Several years ago, I had stopped by the cemetery to visit my dad. There was another change in mom’s health and I guess I just wanted to ask my dad to watch over her. Well that devolved into a sob session of sorts where I’m questioning if I’m doing the right thing, if I’m doing enough, etc. In the midst of this conversation with a headstone, an elderly gent in his 80s had come up from behind asking if I was ok (did not hear him pull up or walk up). Get composed and tell him everything’s ok. Well he proceeds to tell me why he’s here, leads me over to his wife’s headstone and starts to tell me about her. Towards the end, he tells me how, at his age, he isn’t always able to come see her but that he tries his best and that’s all he can do. One of the last things I remember blabbering before this gent came up was asking what am I supposed to do? I am not a religious or overly spiritual person. Maybe this was just a coincidence. But I want to believe that this lovely man was a messenger, sent by my dad. After seeing the gent to his car, thanking him and watching him leave, I just stood there in complete shock over what just happened, trying to make sense of it. To this day, I still don’t know what to make of it. The few friends I’ve discussed this with say it’s a complete fluke. I guess what matters most is I took something away from that talk, I got the guidance I think I was seeking at that time. A couple days ago, I visited my dad as it was the anniversary of his passing. On my way out, I walked over to pay my respects to the gent’s wife. Turns out about 9 months after we had our chat, the gent reunited with his wife. I thanked him for our convo and straightened up the flowers before leaving.

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