Most dogs don’t fly.

There is an interesting response I often observe when I speak about enlightened ones, how they experience, how they perceive, how they choose.

The response is very often some form of: "no, it doesn't work like that for me", or "most people don't do that" or, "this is how I experience this, and my experience is different".

But I don't speak about most people. I speak about enlightenment, and most people are not enlightened. The people who respond by speaking about their own experience do not claim to be enlightened either, yet they speak as though my statements about the enlightened ones apply to them.

It seems that what I say about enlightened perspective is perceived as a standard of how humans should be, how humans should perceive and act, and as a standard by which to judge a human.

This is an interesting reaction, given that enlightened perspective is as different from a human perspective and a dog's perspective is different from a bird's. If I tell my dog about birds in the garden, how they fly around, chase each other in circles around the trees and shrubs, the dog would not respond with: well, most dogs don't fly!

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