Yellow Jackets on Apartment Balcony

I know similar things have been asked before, but I haven’t been able to find an answer for my specific situation. I’m in a 4th floor condo and have yellow jackets on my balcony. I see them all over the complex (not inside, but our front doors open to outside walkways). They were here in the spring, but I saw significantly less over the summer. We also get red wasps sometimes, but haven’t seen any in a month or two. My biggest problem: I’m on the 4th (top) floor and there is no roof access. None. Anyone getting on the roof would have to have a lift or something that could get them all the way to the 4th floor. I assume they have a nest up there somewhere, and nobody can access it. HOA doesn’t care. So is there anything I can do to keep them just off my balcony? I don’t care if they fly around on the roof or the parking lot or wherever else. I just want my balcony clear. Things I’ve tried: 2 types of traps (the 2 liter ones and some commercial one I found on amazon), citronella plants, mint plants, peppermint oil, decoy nests, and I spray raid on one every time I get the chance.

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