Does Awakening Kill Romance?

This is my first actual post on reddit – although, I've been spending countless hours throughout the past few months reading different posts within the spirituality, awakened communities.

My question to all is — have you noticed that expanding your conscience and becoming more and more aware of this temporary human existence has killed romance in your relationships? By romance, I am referring to the surprises, the flowers, the words of appreciation, etc.

I am somewhat new to expanding my conscience and I can say I've learned so much about myself and different dimensions, and give much gratitude to my boyfriend, who in a sense is almost like my spirit guide as well. I've frequently been listening to Aaron Daugherty, meditating, reading Ekhart Tole, grounding myself, giving gratitude, and just overall learning to unlearn a lot of the things my childhood has taught me. I've learned how to set intentions and following signs that the universe has provided me. I've focused much on the present and Now and have become more aware when my mind starts to overthink.

I haven't seen much about romance and spirituality out there, so would be interested in seeing what others have to say.

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