🚨The System of Insanity Enslaving the World and Humanity🚨👀🌍😡👁


It's time to admit it's not the alternative – but this materialist, present, soulless system; all for a privileged few – that doesn't work in practice.

​A colonial, unequal First and Third World hierarchy has resulted in the material impoverishment of humanity, because the poorest 40% of The Third World make up 80% of the global population.

​But the elites, who illegally acquired an unjustifiable level of wealth, well into the trillions of dollars from a planetary and species exploitation, have stashed the proceeds in tax havens.

In the last century alone, the elites' system of exploitation destroyed half of Earth's rainforests, with scientific predictions having the other half gone by the end of this century; plants are the life force for us to breath, eat, and medicate ourselves – e.g. to survive.

​This is a genocide of non-human inhabitants.

​The air we all breath is a chemical, dark energy, polluted-toxic cesspit; we need to move to clean, free, and universal energy to power the world – sustainably and in alignment with nature, not against it.

​After historically plundering our planet, the elites have unfortunately set themselves up to dominate the post-fossil fuels energy-future too.

​We cannot allow these same individuals to control the resources of this planet and its peoples, otherwise we will all become the materially-driven destiny of this insane present-day system we've been conditioned to believe is normal existence.

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