Underground bee nest help please.


We have a underground bee nest right next to our flower garden. It started last year with a small hole that got bigger and bigger. We would see tons of bees going in and out. This spring when we planted flowers we noticed there where no bees. I filled in the hole and we went about our planting.

This august I noticed them again they had re dug the hole. This seems quite late for them to return. There seems to be a even bigger nest now. I don’t know what they are though. From what I have read ground bees don’t live in hives. They are small and look similar to a honey bee. Granted I’m not getting super close but I would swear they look like that. Also from what I read ground bees don’t re use a nest so I just don’t know what they are. They don’t seem to be aggressive at all when I water the plants or work within a few feet of them.

A couple days ago we went out and noticed the hole had been dug out and part of the comb had been taken out. I first thought our neighbors or landlord did it but no one has said anything. Now I’m thinking it was a animal as the bees are still there using the nest. I did ask my landlord to take care of the nest but I’m not expecting him to help even though he said he would. I have read that they don’t like water and I could use a sprinkler but we don’t have access to a outdoor faucet.

I’m afraid of bugs and now just tending to avoid the entire area. Thanks for any advice you could give on what type of bee it really is. Also would a animal dig up a hive?

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