A small tale of how my spiritually brings me such happiness and clarity. Event happened today. Kinda long.

So, I am one of those americans without a job due to Covid. Almost 6 months now, my unemployment is running out and bills are coming due. I luckily got a job in a field I have been trying 10yrs to get in. I start Tues. Happy Dance I would attribute my job find to The law of attraction. I practice really hard for about 3 months on this type of particular job and BAM now I got it. That is where I end that story and move on.

My friend, my dearest love her like my little sister friend, would blow up the moon for this girl friend… she has had it rough thru Covid. She kept her job luckily, but everything else just went to crap.

In the past few weeks alone, her girlfriend was rushed to the ER, put on a ventilator, and was in a coma for a week. Turns out it's not Covid, but a whole mess of things with the final being cancer. She starts Chemo on Monday. This woman is 35yrs old. My friend is completely devastated. Now she will have to watch the love of her life go thru cancer and I know some of you can relate.

Her car broke down. Had to get new license on a different car. Her A/C broke. She is working 60hrs a week under $12/hr to keep their lives together and yet everything is falling apart. She is a strong, independent woman and I love her for it, but she never ask for help. I live 1800 miles away, so there is little I can do.

Today, something told me to call her and I can tell something is wrong. This week is the 9th anniversary of her mothers tragic death (friend was 19yrs at the time) and she will not get to take the day off like she usually does due to all the listed above issues. This is what I pegged her problem to be…… nope.

Turns out, when I called, she was sitting at the kitchen table with all her bills trying to figure out what she could pay, what she could push and what she had to beg the companies for more time….. we've all been there.

She just starts crying. So much is on her shoulders, she is the only worker, and she also has kids to feed. Her food stamps are out for the month and she is just having a meltdown.

I listen. And I want to help. But I myself don't even have a paycheck and OMG what can I do? I asked her what her most important bill was, one that will be the biggest relief. She tells me of one that she must pay today or call to schedule a time to repo… I send her the money over PayPal. Something (what I call the universe) just told me to send it. It was several hundred dollars, but when you have some and someone has none, then you both have little. That is my life philosophy.

She, for the first time in our friendship of over 15yrs, didn't fight me on it. I'm talking can't buy this girl a soda cuz shes "got it"… and she starts crying again. Telling me she will pay me back, don't think that she can't handle this etc etc….. haha. I dont expect a dime. Never will.

About an hour later, she tells me she got the bill paid, even had enough to buy some groceries and how thankful she is. I already ordered flowers for the anniversary next week. Hope she is surprised 🙂

Now, I needed to plan out my own bills and when I pull up my bank acct, I am surprised to find several hundred dollars I didn't expect. Turns out my state finally paid out some back pay for those $300/wk unemployment benefits….

I feel like all this happened because the universe knew it would. It told me to call her. To give the money. It knew that she needed help and I had the ability to help. It knew that I would get money and my own bills would be ok.

I am very glad I opened myself up to the universe to hear its messages. It's amazing what relief you feel when you sway with the wind rather than stand against it. I am often called a "hippie" but I truly do believe in the coexistence of all life. That when one hurts, we all hurt, even if we don't realize it.

I hope this story helps others today. For anyone who needed to see something good today. Or can relate. It will be ok.

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