For my fellow seekers experiencing a rough patch. Self to self.

🌍 This world wasn’t built by people with as much love and compassion as you would have hoped for.

🐺 It’s development was driven by wolves that have been subjugated by fear, self preservation and greed to take what they can, when they can.

🐍 They constantly attack, steal, sabotage and spread hatred in an effort to scare you into their way of thinking or to subjugate your mind.

🌬 We limit ourselves physically and mentally because of the power these types of people hold over our psyche.

👥 They will say they adore you to your face, then belittle you behind closed doors. Kick you when you’re down and do their best to keep you there.

☔️ This is simply the storm we were born into. Our heroes journey. A tale as old as time. Bad things happen to good people every day.

🤑 You may struggle financially, physically, and emotionally due to external circumstance. But these struggles are products of your environment, they are not who you really are.

🧠 I’m here to remind you that you are so much more than the disillusionment holding your head underwater. I really do respect you for staying in the fight – you wouldn’t be here reading this if you weren’t still fighting.

🥰 You are truly capable of being filled with love, adventure, curiosity, compassion and so much more. I pray that you remember this today and remind yourself in this moment of this truth. You have the ability the person who you want to be in this life.

🌞 You don’t have to be a messiah to save a life. You don’t have to hurt yourself to deserve love. You are an inspiration regardless of what the devil on your shoulder loves to whisper to you in your most lonely and fragile moments.

🌓 My friend, please look in the mirror today and thank yourself sincerely for being here today. You have come so far and you are so worthy of love and happiness. Life was simple before we got caught up in the rat race. Become as a child again. A child of life.

👁 Open your mind and see this new day as it is. It’s filled with wonder and mystery around every corner, but it’s also filled with danger and temptation around every other corner. Be mindful. Pay attention. Guard your presence with an understanding that it’s ok not to be ok. We understand and love you regardless .

🥂 Sending you so much love, adoration and respect my friend – I’m so proud of you. Life isn’t the easiest game to play, but you’re doing it. Just remember to stop and smell the flowers along The Way. Enjoy what you enjoy and don’t let external voices distract you from your truth. 🕊

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