Monarch butterflies?

So i’ve always been very spiritual. Even if i wasn’t practicing ever since i was a kid i talked to the moon, collected every rock i thought was cool and would befriend trees and plants every day. Recently on TikTok there’s been a lot of tarot readings or “i manifested this on your page” type of videos and most of them i’ll watch to give the view but i know not everything is specific to me and i don’t allow it to change my own mind. some of them are very accurate for me though, and the last one i saw spoke about seeing butterflies and how my life will change when i start seeing them. Now i rarely see butterflies where i’m at in the states and usually don’t until winter when they migrate to Mexico, but i’ve seen, i think, the same Monarch butterfly in my backyard four days in a row! Every morning i sit on my balcony and watch my shows or just eat breakfast and for the split few seconds this butterfly appears i immediately look at it and watch as it flies to another yard. this was weird to me but i didn’t want to think too much into it. Last night though i had a dream that i opened this box and three monarch butterflies were in it. one was coming out of its cocoon, and the other two were bug and beautiful. now the weirdest part… i’ve been seeing the numbers 3-4 every day for months. whether it’s 34 or 43 every time i look at the clock or a receipt or my mileage that number is there. i’ve looked into the meaning of these butterflies and they’re very spiritually significant little dudes. Anyone have any tips or ideas as to what my next steps should be? I really posted this just to verify i’m not crazy!

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